Hello and welcome to my website. Thanks for taking the time to view my work. I guess I should start from the beginning. I was born on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. My family moved to a small country town in NSW so the beach had to wait until school holidays!

Growing up as the youngest of six children this gave me great insight from an early age of how to become a people person. Discovering the vast landscape and childhood freedom that the country allows made me the person I am today. I first picked up a camera and started clicking away when I was just 8 years old.

Finding my mothers small brownie camera and photographing everything that took my interest from pets to brothers & sisters to the local sports teams. I began viewing the world in a very curious way which led me to the great art of portraiture, engaging with a whole new outlook. People playing sport, laughing, listening to music, climbing mountains, cooking, every possible pursuit. I was hooked into capturing their raw emotions.

From the first time I ever stepped into a school darkroom I witnessed the magic of film. I knew this was going to be my life. Winding the clock forward 25 years as a professional photographer/writer/director I have explored most of the world and been truly blessed with meeting and marrying my amazing soulmate Leigh and together raising our two wonderful boys Maison & Lewis. 

I am perhaps best known throughout Australia and abroad for my timeless celebrity portraits. In 2000 we formed production company, SugarLove Pictures. Working between Australia and the USA focusing on Marketing/PR Stills for Film Studios, PR Agents, Magazines and Advertising Agencies. I have been a fully accredited photographer with the AIPP throughout Australia for many years.

Having brought my skills as a photographer to over 50 Feature Films and 32 TV Shows many producers and distribution companies have engaged my services well beyond the stills camera. My ability to dissect a feature film visually from script to screen has contributed to many successful marketing campaigns in the areas of Unit Stills & Specials/Key Art Photography.

Being personally chosen as technical consultant by Nicole Kidman for her portrayal of legendary Photographer, Diane Arbus in US Film, FUR in 2005 was the turning point for my own directing career. Having completed short films including The Warm Up in Los Angeles & Room 101 I turned my attention to my native Australia to film my recent film I.D. 

I currently have several feature films in development – In The Rough, The Dress.

I aspire to create amazing stories through my work. Sharing my life with my wife and children will always keep me motivated.

If your keen to work together and create amazing content let’s share a fine red wine or an Irish malt whiskey.

Stay healthy.


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